Building Automation

Unique industrial monitoring and control systems – custom developed or Siemens technology to increase efficiency by applying an integrated control platform with behavioral analysis and machine learning in these areas: heating and cooling control, lighting control, HMV, doors and other closing systems control, HVAC, water measurement, alarm and electricity network control.

Full integration of new and old systems with a universal protocol to ensure a personalized, cost-efficient system at a significantly lower price than offered by others on the market.

The implementation of building automation improves energy efficiency of the building by harmonizing and centrally controlling systems, also reducing CO2 emissions, and a sustainable management in the building’s operation. Depending on the building and machinery it can result in up to a 30% saving in the building’s energy consumption.

Technical details


  • Integration of the old and new building engineering in one platform without replacing existing systems
  • Real-time statistics, analysis for prevention, control, and planning
  • Remote, instant access to mechanical elements, managing corporeal devices on a common platform
  • Consumption load, capacity peak level management
  • Customized monitoring and controlling system

User Experience

  • Tailor-made user experience
  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface
  • Responsive platforms
  • Easy to configure
  • Map view
  • Instant access to all buildings
  • Any process can be tracked with a tablet or a phone
  • Automated alarm


Installation Requirements

  • Automation engineering design: analysis of existing building engineering and their communication protocols and integration design
  • Energy audit (optional)
  • Energy strategy design

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Integration with all intelligent controllers possible (Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Philips, Johnson, etc.)
  • Universal protocol for heterogenous systems and devices (can handle all building automatic standards)
  • Monitoring and control platform on the premises or in the cloud
  • Mobile application available
  • DDC modules & Network (Bus/IP etc.)