Ambient Sensor Network

Sensor boxes that can measure various key environmental indicators are important for the client’s operation. Tungsram can measure and analyze any environmental indicator for which there is an existing sensor technology available. Furthermore, Tungsram can install any type of sensor into its existing IoT architecture with the standard protocols.

The sensors can be used for adapting AC, lighting, and ventilation to different environmental indicators and building utilization levels. Since it is adjustable, it can create a comfortable environment for all the occupants in line with the actual environmental conditions.

The implementation of sensors can result in decreasing a building’s energy consumption due to aligning building systems with the people's actual activity in the building areas. Research also shows that better air quality can increase cognitive performance of employees by 100%.

Technical details


  • Assembly can be customized on demand (what specific sensors to include in a sensor box)
  • Automatic alerting based on predefined values (SMS, email, push notification)
  • Analytics of sensor data on the selected IoT platform
  • Example of installed sensor box content: temperature, CO2 level, air pressure, humidity, motion, light conditions, noise level

User Experience

  • Visualize insights by aggregating edge-node data
  • Flexible, versatile, and rich user interface
  • Turnkey data visualization dashboard
  • Exclusive sensor box design to meet the client’s high expectations

Installation Requirements

  • Power supply
  • Network access (Internet / internal network etc.)
  • Sensor box can be installed on (or in) the ceiling, on a wall, pillar, etc.

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Sensor module, connectivity module and server application interface
  • All sensor modules and connectivity modules are placed in a sensor box, suitable for the location design
  • Cloud or on-premise data storage and analytics
  • Hardware agnostic approach