People counting

A highly accurate, camera-based people counting solution for office usage. The technology enables no image data leaving the edge node, thus it complies with GDPR requirements.


The people counting sensors create real-time and historical data for occupancy in office areas (open offices, meeting rooms, communal spaces, etc.). Based on the actual utilization data, the client can optimize the interior setup and layout of their meeting rooms and other preferred indoor spaces.

Technical details


  • Provides information about people’s location inside rooms
  • Counts number of people
  • Can be configured for different selected locations
  • 90%+ accuracy for 3m radius, expected accuracy at 5m is 85%
  • Coverage area of 5m radius at 2.6m - 2.9m height
  • Remote and secure device management provisioning and over the air updates

User Experience

  • Visualize insights by aggregating edge-node data
  • Flexible, Versatile & Rich User Interface
  • Turnkey Data Visualization Dashboard

Installation Requirements

  • Power supply
  • Network access (Internet or internal network etc.)
  • Commissioning process: manual or automatic commissioning based on 3D BIM model

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Sensor module, connectivity module, and server application interface
  • Cloud or on-premise data storage and analytics
  • Edge computing module (optional)

Reference implementation occurred at Tungsram’s HQ