Smart Bench

Tungsram’s premium solar-powered smart benches bring a new look and feel to visitors. The Hungarian-made product is an international success story. With the high quality materials, unique design, digital displays and comprehensive support the Tungsram smart benches clearly have the competitive edge.

All products are made of 100% aluminum to avoid rusting. Premium quality is also provided by the tempered glass cover. Thanks to this, the product is completely vandal-proof.

You can choose between three different sizes which makes easier to find the perfect model for any location.

/Skradin, Croatia/


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Technical details

Product sizes

You can choose between three different sizes which makes easier to find the perfect model for any location:

  • The largest 8-seat Plus smart benches, in addition to the built-in phone charging features, have a real community organizing power due to their spectacular appearance and free Wi-Fi service, becoming the focal point of smart cities. Innovative investment for public infrastructure, great investment for communities.
  • The three-seater Eco is our smallest smart bench. We recommend it to anyone who wants a small, eco-friendly, smart street furniture accessible to all.
  • The medium-sized 4-seat Nano smart bench is an alternative to traditional public benches for those looking for smart city solutions.



Keep track of all your smart street furniture in one place. You can check your benches’ state of charge on the map or in the side list here; and you can see how much energy your benches have produced in total or separately.

You can check how many devices have been charged since the launch, how many users connected to the free Wi-Fi or how much data was handled in total. You can also find here the data collected during the monitoring of the street furniture’s environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, air pollution, UV index).


Customized look

Our benches are available in white, but you can customize them to match your brand identity. There are many creative solutions accessible, such as foil wrapping.
All of our benches are equipped with RGB LED ambient lighting so there are more than 16 million colors to choose from for the night lighting. 


Smart bus stops

Based on the experience gained in the development and production of smart benches, our latest product, the smart bus stop, was created.

• Unique requirements of customers can be easily fulfilled thanks to a modular set-up
• New green surface in the city that purifies air, collects dust and makes the city more colorful
• The bus stop is autonomous, ensures watering and electricity for itself
• An exciting, new, innovative experience for residents and tourists alike
• The visitors of the bus stop can be easily informed about city news or transportation schedules
• The smart bus stop can be equipped with any sensor to become a cornerstone of a smart city