Audiovisual Solutions

The audiovisual solutions offer the most suitable systems for the opportunities and expectations of our clients, providing customized solutions in addition to products already available on the market. Tungsram delivers project-specific solutions instead of promoting specific brands and delivers customer and function-focused design.


The audiovisual solutions can be used to enhance visual experiences. Astonishing displays (e.g. LED screens) are placed within a building to emphasize preferred messages. Meeting rooms, exhibitions or events can be equipped with the most sufficient, high-tech devices.

Technical details


  • Designing and constructing broadcast, digital signage, acoustic, lighting, audiovisual, and television technology systems
  • IT management of above systems
  • Audiovisual content management
  • Simulation and 3D modelling in the design phase
  • FEM (Finite element method) analysis and BIM design

User Experience

  • Create special, long-lasting experience, affecting on the senses of the audience with the audio-visual effects

Installation Requirements

  • Assessment of the location for the audiovisual assets
  • Power supply

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Platform
  • Displays
  • Acoustic system hardware
  • User interface