Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a convenient and, user-friendly parking solution for Artificial Intelligence-based parking lot access management, parking slot reservation, navigation and monitoring parking lot utilization. Users can navigate their complete journey from their outdoor location to their parking space (both indoor and outdoor) using one application.

The smart parking system helps users find the optimal parking slot, ensuring the least amount of time spent driving around parking lots. It can monitor real-time parking lot utilization, and clients can optimize their parking areas based on actual usage data. The system can also be integrated with a mobile payment service to also pay for the parking.
With this solution, inhabitants, employees, and visitors can greatly reduce their time finding parking spots in parking lots or public spaces, while building and parking lot operators can decrease costs by optimizing the design of parking areas.

Technical details


  • Available sensor technologies in our system: infrared, magnetic, camera-based
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Navigation towards available or reserved parking slot
  • Possible connection to a mobile payment system
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions
  • Battery lifetime: 5-10 years
  • Vandalism proof


User Experience

  • Easy-to-use mobile interface for parking slot reservation and navigation
  • Parking lot occupancy monitoring and analytics visualization via the dashboard and heat map

Installation Requirements

  • Magnetic and infrared sensors:
    • Can be installed in asphalt or concrete pavement
    • Requires P2P gateway installation with one gateway connecting to the Internet
  • Camera-based sensors:
    • Can be mounted on top of lamp posts
    • Requires continuous power supply and internet access

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Sensor module, connectivity module, and server application interface
  • Cloud or on-premise data storage and analytics
  • Edge computing module (optional)