Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Our indoor and outdoor positioning system with route tracking, navigation, and location-based analytic capabilities is integrated in one mobile application. The client can create its own “Google Map” for outdoors and a digital building model for indoors with one meter accuracy by using our specialized beacon technology and our sophisticated algorithm.


The solution can locate and navigate to various Points of Interest (e.g. meeting rooms, departure platforms, storage rooms, lavatories, exhibitions, stores, lecture rooms, terminals). It can also send location-based information or push notes with advertisements. The solution is also capable of tracking the preferred routes of personnel and visitors.
Implementation results in better employee, visitor and customer experience, increased retail sales, and a decrease in cleaning needs, costs and false complaints.

Technical details


  • Better utilization of mobility infrastructure
  • Location-based data management, including pipeline network, dynamic assets, fleet management
  • Indoor navigation
  • Asset and people tracking
  • Fleet management
  • Multimodal transportation route planning
  • Seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor functions

User Experience

  • Single application for indoor and outdoor navigation
  • Mobile and web application
  • Customizable for the client’s design requirements
  • Highly focused on user experience
  • Easy-to-understand reports about location-based data (heatmap, dashboard)

Installation Requirements

  • Detailed floorplan, BIM model, or building survey for indoor positioning
  • WLAN and power supply for indoor asset tracking

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Single application architecture with multiple permission levels
  • Cloud, on premise, or hybrid/distributed installation
  • Demand-driven scalability
  • Tungsram installed in its HQ 35 BLE sensors across a 1,000 m2 area to achieve one-meter positioning accuracy
  • Beacons can run for 5 years with their replaceable batteries