Workspace Management

A flexible management tool is essential for an agile or smart work environment to increase the utilization of available space. This solution has a cloud-based, central data hub. It is easily customizable to each client’s specific needs. No hardware installation is necessary, remote commissioning is feasible.

The workspace management solution can be used to gather information about the office space and to get insights into the relationships between organization units. The collated data helps to create an activity-based work environment and provide better service.

A better working environment and a better user experience increases employee engagement and motivation by implementing agile working methods. Overall, the solution creates an attractive office environment that improves the employee’s performance in the short term. With an optimized workspace, utilization and rental expenses can also be decreased.

Technical details


  • Space booking: parking spaces, workstations, meeting rooms
  • Visitor management
  • Fleet management
  • Dashboard and reports based on the floorplan layout
  • Measures the actual utilization of workstations and meeting rooms
  • Uses collated data to create an activity-based work environment and provide better service

User Experience

  • Fully customizable dashboard system with real-time data, available for multiple operation sites
  • Software service, easily accessible via any web browser, making the booking easy and transparent by using the office floor plan and calendar overview
  • Easy access from your desktop, mobile or tablets.

Installation Requirements

  • Floorplan layout (including the location of desks, rooms and parking space distribution)
  • Integration with people counting, sensor box and parking sensor solutions is possible

Hardware and Software Architecture

  • Wirelessly installed sensors (optional)
  • Dedicated cloud server is available for each client
  • Responsive web application user interface and application are available
  • High data security protocol